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What Emma was really thinking…


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If men don’t have to do it to be “empowered,” it probably doesn’t actually give you any power.

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God I love being a part of Swen.

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Happy 50th Birthday Amy Ray!

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Don’t worry, I won’t sing, because I don’t think that anyone would enjoy that, but thank you for devoting so much of your life to making music.

I’ve been listening to you since primary school, through high school and adolescence, into independence and a career and a return to my home town and through all of my dreams for my own future.

It’s already Saturday here. In my little town it’s raining and the air is damp with the sea. I’m listening to the radio and drinking black coffee. I’ve been writing stories, and later on I’ll go into ‘the city’ and walk with my head held high. I’ll pass the high school where (long before I heard you sing about it) I was “an over achiever of the wrong persuasion,” with “a sex education  without word for my gender.” I’ll sit on the front fence of the house where I lost I lost my virginity in a way that was illegal not because I was underage and she was ten years older (I had lied about my age to her), but because we were both women.  Outside parliament I’ll reverently touch the memorial to all the people who fought to remove those laws. On the riverfront I’ll see the places where I’ve danced and been so, so happy. Through it all I’ve had – and will continue to have – Amy Ray songs recording and explain and sharing and understanding what it’s been like to be me here beneath a grey Antarctic sky, surrounded by land I fight for and the sounds of the politics of the island I can’t live without.

You’ve taught me not to be afraid of who I am, but more than that; not be afraid of exploring who I am and of making changes as I learn more (about myself, and about the world).

I wish that I could give you even a tiny piece of the comfort that you’ve given me. Thank you for all your music and your interviews and for that time you smiled at me in a book shop in Melbourne.

I hope that today brings you joy, and that the future holds happiness you can’t even begin to imagine,

Happy birthday, Amy Ray!

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When happiness comes… it’s so thick and smooth and uneventful, it’s like nothing at all.
— Helen Garner in The Life of Art (via palmee)

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You’re straight, you’re gay, you’re a solicitor advocate and we’re all just good friends.
— Tony Gillies (via starsplit)

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Janet King 1x06

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Swen Roll Call: Where is everyone located (no need to get specific) →




I’ll go first:

I’m from New England. For those of you that are not from the United States, New England is a group of six small states (Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Rhode Island) way up in the Northeastern corner of…

Kanata! (the real word for ‘Canada’) and I’ll leave it at that because provinces don’t make sense to people outside of this country lol. 

Tasmania (the island off the bottom right of Australia).

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I like to think that after spending the night together, Maura has to push Jane out the door or else they’d never get anything else done and crime would just run rampant in the streets of Boston.


I like to think that after spending the night together, Maura has to push Jane out the door or else they’d never get anything else done and crime would just run rampant in the streets of Boston.

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Regina: oh yes and now for fashion sense, well clean slate, let’s see, ummmm what to do what to do, wait, this is my chance

how great


would it be


if she looked


like she looks in my dreams


on a daily basis



Emma Gifs (x)

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